As a company is dedicated to help the system of growing at its best, Acceleration Technology comes with their fantastic and high quality products that are tested to be much of a help in function. There are the GFI circuit breaker products designed for protecting the power fed into the hydro grow box amazingly.

One of the important things that Acceleration Technology wants to provide is the safest and best possible experience of growing. The company has been on research on meeting the goal, while they have gone with one of the products with complete protection of GFI and professional grounded outlets. When the outlet is damaged, in this case at the possible time it is spilled with water or at the time an equipment piece has short, then the ACTech cabinets stumble the protection circuit of the built in GFI.

The system of electrical is reset after the equipment is replaced or the water is cleaned, by pressing the button simply, on the outlet. This way, you can compare The GFI circuit breaker from with the competing products. The best thing about this product is that the cabinet seams are all caulked. As the cabinets are sealed, the light trapped on it reaches 100% for sure. For throughout the cabinets, they also use double layer reflective Mylar. This resulting very quiet cabinets, creating a more consistent environment of growing of the plants.