Are you looking for an idea for birthday gift for one of your Christian friends? Well, if you are looking for best gift idea, why don’t you give Bible as your gift? Many people like to give bible for birthday gift today. If you have, a friend who are not speaking English you can give them bible with their language. Bilingual bible with specific language probably is not available in offline Christian store or bookstore. You need to buy it online from trusted bible store. The bilingual bible will make people interesting to read it because it is written with their mother language.

We all know that there are people who are not speak English and we can not force them to learn English first to know God and God’s Love. You can buy Bible Bilingual with Chinese language, Korean language, or Japanese language and give to them. There is French and Arabic bilingual Editions as well on the gallery. It also has English version language so the receiver can learn understand the text both in English and his own language. It is also the good way to tell your friends who does not understand about Christian. Just give the bible with their language and they will read and know more about Christianity.

Give the bible is the best way to teach kids about God. Little kids will be bored with all texts like the common bible. If they see attracting pictures, they can understand the story and love their bible easily. They can learn the character without have to imagine about it. For that reason, you can give children’s bible with illustrations and colorful pictures to them. You can give it as Christmas gift and birthday gift. Albanian-English Children Bible is available with Hardcover. Check also discounts offering to save your money. Visit Christian Bible book store today, spread good news and love from God with Bilingual Bible.